Subject: Re: Alaska 2009 and Sherpa Pat


Let's get real here.

I know your business is new, family members are ill and life is constantly coming at us nonstop. I am in exactly the same place.

Stop for a moment and consider that there are only so many opportunities in life where you have the chance to slow time down and live in the moment with good friends. Most people don't even have friends this good let alone the chance to explore beautiful unspoiled landscapes.

Your wife wants you to go for a reason, and we all know that she is a wise woman. Work will not significantly change one way or another while you are gone for 7 or 8 work days. You can tell yourself otherwise but its just not true.

We are all getting older, Hemen are retiring left and right. The great Gabbler is back. Take this moment because there are only so many out there. This becomes especially apparent as we see the options diminish for our parents.

You may think you are in a corner but really it is time for clarity. Step back and look. You need to be here, we need you here, life rushes by with missed opportunities unless you make time.

I bet its been almost a year since you tasted a fine single malt, MAKE TIME TO LIVE. Everything that pushes you into a corner will be there when you get back unchanged. If you don't go you will be unchanged.

If you go - You will have taken control - You will be Changed for the better, a chance that may not come again will have been grabbed and not missed, and best of all WE will all be better for it

No excuses. Make Time for what is important.

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